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This online community is a place for people from Connecticut who are diagnosed with cancer to connect and meet. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it affects everyone in that person’s life – friends and family. But for the person living with the diagnosis, it can feel really lonely. After all, the cancer is living in your body and you may have lots of extreme feelings and thoughts racing through your mind as you make your way through treatment and navigate a new world. Even though you have the love of your family and friends, you may notice a sense of isolation.

When Joe was diagnosed with his cancer, he reached out to the Internet to learn about the disease and to meet others who may have been diagnosed with the same rare cancer. Joe found it challenging to find people to connect with and some days it was too much of an effort to even try. We think Joe would have appreciated a place like this one where he could have met other people who had cancer, maybe even some around his own age. On good days, Joe loved to get out and try a new restaurant or meet a friend for coffee. We like to think he would have connected with someone here for that cup of coffee or lunch. Someone close enough to meet in person some days and online others.

The Joe Garassino Foundation started with an idea that Joe’s dad had – to connect members of the community who were coping with a cancer diagnosis and the greater community who could help by donating their time, hard work, and money to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

We welcome you and open this online community to serve and support you. Blessings to you and your loved ones!


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